Welcome to Medescon Limited, The UK & Ireland’s exclusive supplier and a preferred international sales channel of Vidir bed lift products. At Medescon Limited we install hospital bed-lifts, provide essential on site training for your staff on how to use the Vidir bed lift system and provide annual maintenance to ensure your Vidir Bed-Lifts continue to provide you with the service they are designed to give.

Medescon has over twenty years experience working within the medical industry primarily dealing with hospital infrastructure which includes installation of the Vidir bed lift system. Think Medescon, think vertical!

Do you have a hospital bed storage problem? Are your beds taking up valuable corridor space causing health risks to your patents, visitors and staff? What do you do with those unused hospital beds other than look for spaces to store them? Well start looking vertical!

Here at Medescon Limited we have the perfect solution! By using the Vidir bed lift system you can store more in less space and recover up to 70% of your floor space! The Vidir bed lift storage system will eliminate the everyday struggles your staff experience with hospital bed storage. Our globally recognised solution is a motorised vertical bed lift rack which can store 2, 3, 4 and 5 bed high bed storage lifts. The Vidir Bed Lift System is easy to use thanks to the vertical storage technology to store your hospital beds vertically! The Vidir Bed Lift frees up valuable floor space as the overhead vertical hospital bed racks leave only the footprint of a single bed because each hospital bed is stacked vertically, which reduces the risk of damage to your valuable hospital beds and injury to your staff.

You can look back on the days of pushing unused stretchers and hospital beds out of the way, or running from ward to ward and floor to floor in search of a spare bed and look forward to the safe and easy use for your hospital bed storage. Look vertical with the Vidir Bed Lift hospital bed storage solution available from Medescon Ltd. Safe, convenient, and centralized hospital bed storage is now possible.

  • Fingertip control for loading and retrieval
  • Enables just one person to load and retrieve a bed
  • LIFO arrangement
  • A range of rack heights for storing number hospital beds
  • Single bed footprint design
  • Safe and reliable
  • Elimination of fire hazards and other risks


If you have a bed storage problem then please get in touch on 0116 4780 007 or sales@medescon.com where we will be happy to provide you with more information and costs.

Controls: Forward/Reverse push buttons with /E-Stop

Overall Capacity:

Bedlift R: 600 lbs | 272 kg capacity
Bedlift X: 900 lbs | 408 kg capacity
Bedlift S: 600 lbs | 272 kg capacity
Bedlift N: 600 lbs | 272 kg capacity

Lifting Speed: Max. 11.7 seconds per position
Loading Ramps
CE & cCSAus Mark
OSHPD (Seismic) available upon request
2 Years Manufacturers Warranty

Vidir Bedlift | Vertical Storage Bed System

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